Bumpers & Stops

Floor Mounted Bumpers, Solid Brass

Floor Door Bumper 27/8"

Deltana floor mounted bumpers are available in different sizes and designs. They are available in an array of fine finishes


U/M: Each
Box Qty: 10 pc
Case Qty: 100 pc
Case Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 2-7/8"
Part NumberList Price
FDB278U3$21.00US3Polished BrassSolid Brass
FDB278U3-UNL$21.00US3-UNLUnlacquered BrassSolid Brass
FDB278U5$23.00US5Antique BrassSolid Brass
FDB278U10B$23.00US10BOil-rubbed BronzeSolid Brass
FDB278U14$23.00US14Polished NickelSolid Brass
FDB278U15$23.00US15Brushed NickelSolid Brass
FDB278U15A$23.00US15AAntique NickelSolid Brass
FDB278U19$23.00US19Paint BlackSolid Brass
FDB278U26$23.00US26Polished ChromeSolid Brass
FDB278U26D$23.00US26DBrushed ChromeSolid Brass
FDB278CR003$24.80CR003PVD Polished BrassSolid Brass

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